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5 Easy Steps to Hosting a Food Drive

We can’t do it without you! Your contributions, by holding a food drive, help Peter’s Pantry to stay focused on our goal of helping our recipients. Food drives are one of the essential ways we receive valued food products for distribution. Your help in hosting a food drive will help many people in all of Manitowoc County receive food for their families this season.

If you would like to host a food drive, please contact us at 920-682-6989 or use the contact form here

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How it Works

Contact Peter's Pantry

We love to help you to have a great food drive. We can provide barrels, signs, boxes, and advice about the best times to hold a food drive.​

Advertise your Event

Select a date or period of time, a place, and how you will let people know about your event. This can be as simple as a church bulletin announcement or you can distribute posters and flyers, or add it to a special event and add the announcement to that event’s advertising. Anyway you do it…get the word out for the best success possible.

Enlist help

Depending on whether you are having your food drive tied to an event or over a period of time you may need some helpers to get the barrels in place, keep the area neat and tidy, and to box the resulting food items. This can be done by one or two people or is perfect as a group activity for your organization or club. Many hands make light work and you will find that working together will make your food drive enjoyable and fun. Need help? Please contact Peter’s Pantry for our assistance.

Hold Food Drive

Whether it is for a period of time, or a one-time event you will host your food drive and you may need to set up barrels or table, collect the items and maintain the area for the food drive. Perhaps you would like to help us by giving out information on Peter’s Pantry as well. We can provide you with signs or information to hand out about the pantry and our mission.

Call for Pickup

Give us a call and we will arrange a time to pick up your food items, or bring them to the pantry yourselves during our convenient drop off hours. We would love to give you a short tour so you can see what your efforts are doing in your community.

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