Peter’s Pantry… has been serving the Manitowoc community for over 25 years by providing food support to those in need.  The average recipient receives 40 to 60 pounds of food each visit. In one week we average 14,000 pounds of food provided to 320 recipients.  That means in one year we provide 700,000 to 800,000 pounds of food filling 16,640 shopping carts of food for the hungry in our area.  In addition our dedicated volunteers contribute 520 hours of unpaid assistance to help the pantry’s doors stay open.  We seek to provide the maximum amount of assistance possible by keeping our costs low and using our donations to supply our pantry with products. The pantry does not purchase food… we collect and distribute surplus food from our Community Partners and from local food drives.

98% of the value of your donations…

are used in the direct distribution of food to the hungry.  Your monetary donations permit the pantry to exist.  Tax deductible monetary donations pay the expenses: insurance, utilities, equipment purchase and maintenance, vehicle purchase and maintenance, etc., which allows us to collect, sort, store and distribute food right here in our community.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.
Food Business’ donating food products are 150% tax deductible.

 Your dollars…

or in-kind donations allow us to concentrate our efforts on the important task of giving hope to the hungry, by providing solid, healthy food products to those in need.  We travel great distances to acquire the items that we offer to our recipients, and to offer the largest selection possible including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, dairy products, healthier selections for better nutritional health. Help us to give hope to the hungry in our community by donating to Peter’s Pantry.

For More Information on How You can Donate Contact Us at:
920.682.6989 or Email us with the form below.